Down to the Shore

by Whale's Sink

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The fore-fathers knew you’d love the sea
Sinking and swimming since you were three
Lusting for the blue in your lungs
And the songs to come out

But you never made a sound
Except for the clicks and squeaks
No one would listen to
So you stared into the ocean

Soaking in while you let it out
God damn those that said you’d never be
That dying little mermaid
To forever play in something heavenly

SO you just changed yourself
Pulling at your fingers till
They snapped down to the shoulders
Closing up your mouth

So no one could get through
Tugging at your fucked up hair
Making the slime blend in
Now no villager can get ahold of you

And you flee at night
No fear in your glass eyes
The run to the shore
Drains at your tendrils
The humidity has left you
No air for you to breathe
And as your love comes into view
Your vision starts to blur

The squawks from your beak
Are muffled by the pain in your eyes
All your work is ripped apart
Like the Earth and the Sky

With man’s feelings of titans
Their duty to keep you unhappy
They’ll never understand why
You’d want to venture off

Why you’d want to go away
Into shit they have no use for


released November 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Whale's Sink Kansas


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