PornographicFootwear (MixTape)

by Whale's Sink

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A mixtape based on the tracks of RaunchBoots, by Syd tha Kyd. "She's Got Bitches"


released May 15, 2014

Syd tha Kyd - Beats
NiggerRoach - Lyrics, Vocals



all rights reserved


Whale's Sink Kansas


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Track Name: Meet Sally
Bipolar disorder
Upside down
Sunnyside frown
Dont know what's wrong because im all around town
Not looking for answers just searching for cancers.
You know youre fucked up when your granddad doesnt have a tumor
Because if thats the truth that im selling dont bother with the rumors
Im a five figure nigger
as the figures are the fingers
configured on the trigger
pointed at this bigger nigger
I need to disfigure because I consider
his presence a constrictor
to the blood in my knobber
so ill make his hyde a permanent fixture
on the furniture that we purchased together
because I say we have a future so im the predictor
if not ill show you what a hipster nigger can toss in a woodchipper,
and faster than Kayne Im a gravedigger,
dick in your corpse
Harder than the post mordem rigor,
treat you like Krueger and toss your body in a fire.
Oh fuck I lost my desire,
so now its back to the gutter,
slosh around in the sewer,
play with myself to the pictures of ex strippers.
Goodnight. Niggah